Paper Boat

Perrier Best Newcomer Nominated comedian Tim FitzHigham paddled under Tower Bridge and smashed a 383 year old record to become the first man in history to take a paper boat 160 miles down the River Thames.

In doing so he raised over £10,000 for Comic Relief. His adventures were televised all over the world and published every day in the Metro newspaper and now, for the first time, the full story of the paper boat is told in a brand new style of show - it's what stand up would be if it got drunk and got into a fight with the Royal Geographical Society Christmas Lecture, held together by a unique mix of snail racing and gaffer tape.

Did the paper boat hold up? Who was the original record holder in 1619? What happened at the Oxford winter bumps? And just what did Sir Matthew Pinsent really say to Tim on the river?

All this and more in the story of just how out of control events can become for a man setting out to raise £500 for charity in a paper boat.

Critics Choice - The Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times

"for pure unutterable silliness, this is hard to beat...exuberant" - The Evening Standard

"entertaining...real life, record breaking" - The Daily Telegraph

"...a white knuckle struggle against the elements and self inflicted disaster. Buoyed along by FitzHigham's considerable charm and relentless enthusiasm it (the show) stays watertight, floating the audience to Tower Bridge and applause. It's an 85 percent recycled ticket to Davy Jones's locker. Borderline nutters like FitzHigham should be indulged so check him out before he swims to Antigua or something" - The Scotsman

"an immensely likable performer and the show is well written...inspired lunacy...superb" - The List

"...a fine performance to strong material and doesn't let the pace let up once...if you're looking for a change from the usual stand up, FitzHigham will prove a diverting, thoroughly enjoyable, and very funny experience" - Paramount Comedy