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— October 21st, 2015

Hi All

its nearly the end of the day in UK - new videos on line - you might like them.


Do have a look if you can -


Hope you're all well - for flanders fans - new dates are on the website too. Thanks for reading this. Hope you enjoy the videos (all about a minute)



come and play

— May 29th, 2015

Dear All,

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!  And thanks so much for listening into Radio 4 for the Gambler (there's still one ep left on the iplayer if you wanted to hear it)


New news in - there are some live shows I'm doing coming up - please come...

4th June (NEXT WEEK) Richmond Theatre, Richmond, London - FLANDERS AND SWANN - it's over 50 years since the originals played there and NOW WE'RE BACK!  To celebrate they've agreed I can offer you kind people who read this a deal on tickets - For £15 tickets, they can Quote ‘Vollie Offer’ with the Box Office or enter promo code VOLLIE15 online. This is the link.

they've made me say the following as it's controversial - "Please note that a £2.90 per ticket booking fee and £2.85 transaction fee applies." (As they would normally.)

That only applies to Richmond!

Next up on the 12th June something really special - I'm doing a 10th ANNIVERSARY BATH SHOW SPECIAL in NORWICH - it will be so much fun and I'd love you all to come if you're near.  Here are the details.


And JULY 10th FLANDERS AND SWANN hits the oxford playhouse - tickets are selling fast so please do send anyone you know along - it should be a super night.  The link for information.


AUGUST IS EDINBURGH - details of flanders and the solo show are on those links - again tickets are selling so please do come along.


thanks so much for reading this and I really hope to see you at one of the shows really soon


all the best




— April 28th, 2015

Dear All, Tickets for this years brand new Edinburgh show have just gone on sale - do come along It's called the Gambler - a shot in the dark Tickets are here Hope to see you up there in August & thanks for reading

coming up

— April 16th, 2015

Dear All,

The Gambler on Radio 4 - there's one more episode to go - NEXT WEDNESDAY 22nd 18.30PM - do have a listen if you're free. If you've missed any - the BBC has put them up on the iplayer - they're only there for a bit - but they are here

ALSO ON 22nd APRIL at 9PM - I'm live on the south bank at the Udderbelly - tickets are here do please come -


and it's hitting OXFORD on the 10th JULY -

EDINBURGH - i'll be there - tickets for some of the shows are up already and selling - but I'm doing a solo show (The Gambler - a shot in the dark), Flanders and Swann and details are being finalised for a couple of other things - I'll be putting them out soon.

Really hope to see as many of you as possible at one of the above and as ever thanks for reading this best wishes tim


— March 30th, 2015

Dear All...


I hope you are really well - it's finally here - the new series of the GAMBLER is on BBC RADIO 4 - it starts this wednesday 1st APRIL (April Fools Day - great work the BBC Scheduling Department) 6.30PM - do please tune in and get as many others to enjoy the fun as you can!


Also - I'll be live on the southbank in the Udderbelly on the 22nd April doing a live Gambler show - that might be fun too...


The Flanders and Swann show is touring the Med - naturally - but will be back in time for Edinburgh certainly!


I will of course be in Selby, Yorkshire as 14th Pittancer of Selby in the Ridings for Maunday Thursday to give out eggs and £1 Maunday Money...on the 2nd as usual...


Hope you're all really well and that you enjoy the fun on the 1st April...unless you're a Benedictine Monk and then I'll see you in Selby on the 2nd...


All the very best and thanks for reading




— April 9th, 2014

Dear All,

A HUGE thank you to everyone who listened in to the radio show on Sunday - if you missed it - it's on the iplayer at the BBC - where they have now put VIDEOS of the show too.  So you can watch the radio show!  It's only there for 4 more days - so please itune in!


EPISODE TWO is on this SUNDAY at 7.15PM - it's a cracking bet - the main question - will I win?


Also on the BBC site are videos of the pilot episode with me and Alex Horne - if you missed it - then it's here (apologies it's slightly less free)  

In other news - I'm off touring NEW ZEALAND - this is going to be great fun - anyone you know in NZ - please do send them along - I'm doing THE GAMBLER details are here 

Flanders & Swann is back touring in June and August with dates in UK.

Thanks so much for reading this and do have a listen to the Radio show - I think you might enjoy it.



— April 2nd, 2014

Dear All.

The First Episode of my Radio Series is out this SUNDAY NIGHT on BBC RADIO 4 at 7.15PM - all you have to do is listen - and please tell anyone you like to listen too - it's funny - I've tried my best.  Further details are below and on the BBC Radio 4 Website - if you miss it - there's iplayer too...but don't miss it please...thank you.

In other news - I'm off to tour NEW ZEALAND from April 20th to May 19th - I'll be posting all the dates on the website but if you know someone there - do send them along.

My Edinburgh show HELLFIRE is about to go on sale - as is FLANDERS and SWANN - and also a new show I'm doing called THIS IS YOUR TRIAL - details to follow asap.

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope to make you laugh in your homes on SUNDAY

Can't wait to hear what you think!


Tim FitzHigham – The Gambler

Sunday at 7:15pm

BBC Radio 4


Image for Episode 1


Comedian, author and adventurer Tim FitzHigham recreates Sir John Throckmorton's 1811 attempt to have a coat made from scratch - going from the sheep's back to his own back in a single day.

Written by and starring Tim FitzHigham, with additional material from Jon Hunter and Paul Byrne. Produced by Colin Anderson.


if you missed the pilot episode and would like to hear it (I'm sorry it's the same as half a pint) it's now available here -

Good things

— April 10th, 2013

BBC RADIO 4 have put my show THE GAMBLER here for you to download - please do - just by you having one and laughing hard at it the Tim FitzHigham Benevolent Fund will be able to help so many of me..importantly - please write a REVIEW on their site as they take these things very seriously...

For anyone who missed SUPER HUMAN CHALLENGE the tv show I've been presenting - it's here on the iplayer - do have a look - me narrowly cheating death in a variety of ways spread over 10 episodes while trying to understand science...a multi-tasking marathon...

And Finally, the award winning show Stop The Pigeon hits LONDON on FRIDAY 14th JUNE - please do come - tickets are here

Adelaide Fringe 2013

— December 12th, 2012

Tim FitzHigham - The Gambler is playing in the Adelaide Fringe in 2013

Welcome to my website home - thanks for popping in...

I can't wait to get to the Adelaide Fringe during February and March. I'm doing two shows The Gambler - it's a funny show about the 10 greatest bets in history - there are loads of videos about it here - there's me racing a horse, betting with Top Gear's Richard Hammond, cross country cheeseboard rolling and other stuff too...have a look, go on take a punt...

...there are Reviews about the show too if you'd like to see them...

Also out in Adelaide I'll be doing my show about legendary 1950s and 60s double act Flanders and Swann show - chaotic and brilliant musical comedy at it's very finest.  I hope to see you there - do say hello.  I look forward to meeting you.

A special radio-friendly version of The Gambler can now be heard on the BBC Radio 4 website, and there are some amusing video clips from the recording session. The show was recorded in front of a live audience at the BBC Radio Theatre, where such great comedy as The Goon Show was recorded.

Stop the Pigeon Reviews

— August 23rd, 2012

Just doing a bit of a scoot round the web for reviews of Tim's latest show, Stop the Pigeon. And turned up rather a lot of nice words!


"a talent on par with an Izzard or Bailey"

"If you wish more standups had something to say and were better at saying it, then you could do very much worse than to check out FitzHigham."

- from Fringe Review 


"It’s joyous, it’s absurd, it’s the perfect comedy alternative to the Olympics. Fitzhigham is onto a winner."

- from Edinburgh Festivals


"God bless FitzHigham – the Fringe would be noticeably blander without his ridiculous capers."

"a captivating raconteur"

- from Three Weeks


"some of the most refreshing stand up and entertainment I have seen in quite some time"

"the audience were gripped by the seat of their pants, bent double with hysterical laughter"

"go see this impresario at work and savour every moment you can until someone from the BBC wakes up and throws a TV contract his way"

- from Broadway Baby


"FitzHigham keeps you on the edge of your seat"

- from The Skinny


"what a rollicking good ride it is"

- from Edinburgh is Funny

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