— August 9th, 2010

The shows are up and running and very funny - tickets and details are here and here with the solo show champagne monday is set for the 30th august - hurrah - thanks for reading this - see you up here i hope

The Bard's Fool

— July 6th, 2010

Finally, the fifth heroical and stupid life threatening saga of FitzHigham.

A 400 year old joke started it, Shakespeare nearly ended it and only a Morris Dancer called Dave was any help at all. 

FitzHigham braves life, feet and the wrath of the police constabulary to make his audience laugh and grimace.

The Show premiered in Edinburgh 2008 as The Bard's Fool, was mostly sold out, was pick of the festival in the Gaurdian Newspaper, and received more stars than an American General's epaulette from the other newspapers and websites.  The show went on to play London as part of the Southbank Festival in 2010.


"Tim is a rare talent indeed, brave, determined and the very embodiment of the great English Eccentric"

"You're doing what FitzHigham?  Morris Dancing?  Now I can't wait to hear about THAT!"

tickets, tantrums and tennis

— June 28th, 2010

Monday 12th July 2010 - the award winning Morris Dancing Stand up Show hits London's Southbank - tickets are here


I've made a short thing for BBCi - please click here to watch it - it's about the origins of tennis and is with Andrew Castle (GMTV, ex-tennis pro, strictly come dancing etc)


Flanders tour is in full swing, two dates to go...


...then edinburgh...

Southbank, Flanders and Clint Eastwood

— May 19th, 2010

Dear All,


Sorry not to have written for so long.


Following last year's chaos they've let me back - I'm doing a show on the southbank -details and tickets are here - it's my award winning show about morris dancing from London to Norwich - it's a really funny show and a great way to spend a monday night (that's MONDAY 12TH JULY)


Flanders is back on tour - dates will be here very soon.  Come and see flanders if it's near you.  It's a great show.


And finally, I'm playing myself in the new Clint Eastwood film.  I know, really wierd.  More details to follow when I have them.  Apparently, he's read my book...it doesn't get wierder than that...the book is still for sale here if you'd like to read it too.


Thanks for reading and hopefully see you on the south bank on the 12th July.

Southbank, Flanders and Bathtime

— June 20th, 2009

Fullmooners was totally sold out last night, the atmosphere was incredible and the usual chaos ensued.  The show finished outside on the grass under the london eye and the stars.  A great night.


Today the Flanders tour continues - Southend on Sea - i've never played there before, joining me on the piano tonight is the very talented Mr Simon Townley - for more details on Flanders 2009 tour dates click here 


The posters have gone up on the south bank for the first ever bath show in London - Tuesday 14th July - it has been recommended in TIMEOUT - tickets are selling fast so please do click here and come along with loofas, ducks and laughs for what promises to be a brilliant night out


'Tim FitzHigham is unhinged - he is completely without hinges' Eddie Izzard


— May 6th, 2009

On Tuesday 14th JULY 2009 at 7PM the MULTI-AWARD WINNING BATH SHOW comes to London

Details are here 

This show has played all over the world but never in London - come, bring your rubber ducks, loofas and laughter to the large inflatable purple cow.  It's to celebrate the bath book becoming a handy paper back size...details to follow.

'There's a fine line between madness and genius and Tim has definitely crossed it...I'm not sure which way he was going at the time' RICHARD HAMMOND

New Showreel

— November 23rd, 2008

A new version of Tim's showreel is available here. A short video whizzing through some of the many things he's been up to recently!

The Bard's Fool

— July 23rd, 2008

In 1599 Shakespeare's greatest clown Will Kemp had a blazing row with The Bard.

Kemp stormed off on a quest to discover the true nature of comedy by Morris Dancing to Norwich in 9 days.

In 1600 he wrote a poem about it - in 2008 Tim read it. Come and hear live what happened next...

The Bard's Fool - Tim's new show, will debut at Edinburgh. Details and how to book tickets are here.

Tim's past Edinburgh shows have sold out, been critics choice in the Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Evening Standard, Scotsman, Time Out, Observer, Independent, and Metro. He has burnt duck on Ready Steady Cook, played in the mud on Channel 4's Time Team and recently attempted to ruin a film with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

In The Bath

— June 27th, 2008

Tim's first book is out. It's the true story of his epic trip 200 miles in a third of a tonne roll top Victorian copper bath.

The book is available now in all good bookshops. Or, why not buy it online!



About Tim and the Book

"There’s a fine line between madness and genius – Tim has well and truly crossed it. I’m still not sure which direction he was going in at the time. Tim FitzHigham, I salute you. And thank you for making this epic, hilarious and mostly terrifying voyage." - Richard Hammond

"Tim is one of those special people you meet rarely in life..I respect him very much for being who he is, and not at all afraid of it!" - Dame Ellen MacAthur

"Tim FitzHigham is unhinged. He is completely without hinges" - Eddie Izzard

"The fragile spirit of British eccentricity lies in the horned hands of this idiot. God help us! " - Suggs

The FitzHigham

— March 12th, 2008

To commemorate Tim's successful crossing of the English Channel in a bath, Thomas Crapper and Co are pleased to announce the availability of The FitzHigham - a fine toilet worthy of the name.

For every toilet sold Thomas Crapper and Co will make a donation to Comic Relief - genuine comic relief and toilet humour nirvana in one stunning bit of porcelain.

For further information, please email [email protected].