Wild Morris: Day 8

— July 6th, 2008

Dear All,

Have made it to Hingham, which is the small village... might be a very small town of course... that Will Kemp made it to on his last night before entering Norwich.

My ankles are in a very bad way and I have a blister on the sole of my right foot bigger than two 2p pieces.

Although it's 15 miles to Norwich it's going to be touch and go I make it at all, and especially difficult to make it on time to see the Lord Mayor at 2:15. If you fancy coming along it would certainly lift my morale.

I'm hoping to arrive at the Bishop's Garden near Norwich Cathederal at 2:15 where there'll be a garden party going on.

The last few days have been a gritty and gutsy horrid grind but as ever I will not give in. Please do give some money to DebRA if you can and it'll make this agony worthwhile.

Eight 17 mile hopping jogging hankie waving days down, one more to go! Not sure if the landlord at the pub in Hingham will be the boon companion Kemp remembers but we'll see...