Wild Morris: Day 5

— July 3rd, 2008

With musical encouragement from Abs the Flautist, Tim made good progress today covering around 15 miles from somewhere-near-Sudbury to Poslingford near Bury St Edmunds.

Not, however, before he took time out to teach the Mayor of Sudbury a few essential Morris steps.

On his travels he stopped of in Clare to see a young chap called Henry who is suffering from EB. One of Tim's nominated charities, DebRA, support people with this rare skin condition.

In the evening Tim enjoyed a Morris Festival, and performed some dances with the Little Egypt Morris, and Bury Fair. Though by this time Tim's ankles were black and blue (literally!) from all the impacts so he spent a good deal of the evening with his feet in a bucket of ice!

If the ankles hold out, Tim is hoping to finish his journey in Norwich this Sunday at 2:15. More details to follow!

PS. He's also promised to send me the text of a short Ode that Abs wrote, so you can look forward to that on here soon too...