— April 9th, 2014

Dear All,

A HUGE thank you to everyone who listened in to the radio show on Sunday - if you missed it - it's on the iplayer at the BBC - where they have now put VIDEOS of the show too.  So you can watch the radio show!  It's only there for 4 more days - so please itune in!


EPISODE TWO is on this SUNDAY at 7.15PM - it's a cracking bet - the main question - will I win?


Also on the BBC site are videos of the pilot episode with me and Alex Horne - if you missed it - then it's here (apologies it's slightly less free)  

In other news - I'm off touring NEW ZEALAND - this is going to be great fun - anyone you know in NZ - please do send them along - I'm doing THE GAMBLER details are here 

Flanders & Swann is back touring in June and August with dates in UK.

Thanks so much for reading this and do have a listen to the Radio show - I think you might enjoy it.