Ode for the Road

— July 27th, 2008

By Tim's mate Abs…

A poem for Tim's Herculean effort.

With apologies to Andrew Marvell, Will’ Shakespeare, any other decent sonnet writers (and even William McGonnegal!)


The Tonsured Prince commanded bath nor boat
Nor Brassy armour did he wear like latter day Don Quixote,
And before the reader says ‘That’s pro-nounced Qui-Ho-Tee’
It would not fit this rhyme describing Tim’s Terp-sic-cor-ree.

From Bankside’s Globe he skipped and hopped
‘till London’s walls were but a vanished dream,
And motorists would pass the man and say….
‘I saw that Tudor Morris man row boats with Baldrick on Time Team’

In doublet, hat and hose he is well girded head to toe,
In period apparel- of good Queen Bess’s day,
Oh, all except his feet, which are by Nike clad
And in his ear, an I-pod, Galliards to play.

The world of  Morris dancing is a’fire,
with talk of pin-up Tim’s tremendous notion.
Great admiration for the man who’d Norwich dance
And all the while, in Morris motion….

Fitzhigham boldly steps the miles like master Kemp
The mate of Shakespeare who’d conceived the dance,
And coin and funds received upon the route
would give the not so lucky better chance.

So huzzah, huzzah and thrice huzzah for Fitzhigham’s nine days wonder.
Though he a Kemp in training shoes no man may steal his thunder
For in these days of Broadband and of Satellite Navigation
I doubt your average Englishman…would have enough…Imagination….