In The Bath

— June 27th, 2008

Tim's first book is out. It's the true story of his epic trip 200 miles in a third of a tonne roll top Victorian copper bath.

The book is available now in all good bookshops. Or, why not buy it online!



About Tim and the Book

"There’s a fine line between madness and genius – Tim has well and truly crossed it. I’m still not sure which direction he was going in at the time. Tim FitzHigham, I salute you. And thank you for making this epic, hilarious and mostly terrifying voyage." - Richard Hammond

"Tim is one of those special people you meet rarely in life..I respect him very much for being who he is, and not at all afraid of it!" - Dame Ellen MacAthur

"Tim FitzHigham is unhinged. He is completely without hinges" - Eddie Izzard

"The fragile spirit of British eccentricity lies in the horned hands of this idiot. God help us! " - Suggs