Gambler Reviews

— August 21st, 2011

Some nice reviews coming in of Tim FitzHigham: Gambler.

5 stars from Chortle: "you can’t help but be swept up in the delights of his adventure"

5 stars from The British Comedy Guide: "Gambler is a rip-roaring show and FitzHigham is a gripping entertainer"

5 stars from The Daily Dust: "don’t let this show go to waste in the last week of the Fringe"

4 stars from Broadway Baby: "Charming, inspirational and mad as a bag of weasels"

4 stars from Fest: "You won’t stake a safer £12 at the Fringe"

4 stars from one4review: "one the most animated and eccentric comedians in the Fringe"

So, go and see it!


Oh my goodness, it looks like Tim's other shows are being received rather well too! 

His Flanders and Swann show has:

5 stars from Broadway Baby: "The fifth star is awarded for the sheer grace and showmanship with which the pair conduct themselves"

4.5 stars from The Public Reviews: "exceptional brilliance"

And his kid's show, The Adventurers Club, has been classified as Must See! by The Stage, stating that it is "constantly hilarious".

So, go and see those shows too!