come and play

— May 29th, 2015

Dear All,

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!  And thanks so much for listening into Radio 4 for the Gambler (there's still one ep left on the iplayer if you wanted to hear it)


New news in - there are some live shows I'm doing coming up - please come...

4th June (NEXT WEEK) Richmond Theatre, Richmond, London - FLANDERS AND SWANN - it's over 50 years since the originals played there and NOW WE'RE BACK!  To celebrate they've agreed I can offer you kind people who read this a deal on tickets - For £15 tickets, they can Quote ‘Vollie Offer’ with the Box Office or enter promo code VOLLIE15 online. This is the link.

they've made me say the following as it's controversial - "Please note that a £2.90 per ticket booking fee and £2.85 transaction fee applies." (As they would normally.)

That only applies to Richmond!

Next up on the 12th June something really special - I'm doing a 10th ANNIVERSARY BATH SHOW SPECIAL in NORWICH - it will be so much fun and I'd love you all to come if you're near.  Here are the details.


And JULY 10th FLANDERS AND SWANN hits the oxford playhouse - tickets are selling fast so please do send anyone you know along - it should be a super night.  The link for information.


AUGUST IS EDINBURGH - details of flanders and the solo show are on those links - again tickets are selling so please do come along.


thanks so much for reading this and I really hope to see you at one of the shows really soon


all the best