The Wild Morris

— June 27th, 2008

In 1600 Shakespeare's favourite clown Will Kemp set out to prove to Shakespeare the true nature of comedy. He Morris Danced from London to Norwich in nine days (spread over 4 weeks) and then wrote a poem about it.

In 2008 Tim read it...

Having learnt to Morris Dance, Tim is to set out on Saturday 28th June from London to Norwich. Click here for his route and itinerary.

It's 7 half marathons and 2 marathons in just 9 days (Tim will do it in 9 consecutive days!) and remember every fourth step is a hop - we'll be posting news every day on this epic journey - it's a road trip like no other - it's endurance sport with bells on.

Tim is Morrising for two of his favourite charities - proceeds will be split between them. DebRA and Comic Relief.

DebRA have an online donations page here.

Unfortunately Comic Relief don't have a way of taking donations online, but he'll be collecting cash on the way and donating it appropriately!

And finally, the Woodside Morris Men have said a few words about Tim's attempt.